Can you see this?

Can you see the number inside this circle? Odds are 8% of your male friends can't see the number, because they have Deuteranopia (red-green color blindness.)  Only 0.5% of ladies are color blind.  (There's a 5 in the circle, if you can't see it.) WHY DO WE CARE?  (Besides getting you ADA compliant.) As your friendly local graphics [...]

Open Carry Signs in Texas

New sign rules for 2016!  Licensed Texans are now able to open carry handguns in belt or shoulder holsters. If your company policy prohibits handguns on premises, you'll need to post one or two very large, very specific signs. Here are some tips to help place your order: The sign must have 1” tall text, in [...]

Benefits of Outdoor Signage: Doing Wonders for a Business!

Advertising, promotion, brand awareness; different names, one mission: that is to introduce a business and earn out of investment. Every business owner includes advertising expense in the initial business planning. Effective advertising, particularly outdoor signage helps a business win over the attention of the targeted customers in a very short time span. A single sign [...]

10% Off Banners

Extended! Through October 2014, all banners are 10% off! This offer does not include install or hardware, call for details.

August News: New Design!

We have relaunched with a whole new design, and after many long months... Its ready! We are proud to present our latest creation! In our commitment to our customers, we are rolling out all new product listings. Our goal is to make DFW Hightech Signs as helpful to the sign buyer as it is informational.

Say hello to the XR-640!

We strive to constantly improve our products and services here at DFW Hightech Signs, with that, please allow us to introduce the newest addition to our production line: the Roland XR-640. [spacer height="7px"] Roland XR-640 At 64 inches wide, the SolJet Pro4 XR-640 combines accelerated print speeds with integrated print/cut technology, an innovative new print [...]