Can you see the number inside this circle?

Odds are 8% of your male friends can’t see the number, because they have Deuteranopia (red-green color blindness.)  Only 0.5% of ladies are color blind.  (There’s a 5 in the circle, if you can’t see it.)

WHY DO WE CARE?  (Besides getting you ADA compliant.)

As your friendly local graphics guru, one of our skills is knowing the best way to make your signs clear and visible.  Our professional designers have a bag of tricks to help you stand out from the crowd, and we know the best color choices that pop — versus the color choices that flop.

We would never let you have green text on a red background …  A) Because it’s ugly, and B) Because it’s cruel to color blind people.  Elderly people and those with limited vision have a hard time seeing text that’s not high-contrast.  So if you care about your message reaching maximum people, we’ll use tips like these:

  • Use high-contrast colors for messages that need to scream!  Think traffic signs, big sales, or being seen a mile away.
  • Use sophisticated colors when you want to convey security, luxury, or comfort.
  • Consider the “emotion” of colors.  Restaurants use red because it’s high energy and makes you hungry.  Banks use blue because it’s safe.  You can take advantage of color trends, or you can disrupt the norm to stand out.