Advertising, promotion, brand awareness; different names, one mission: that is to introduce a business and earn out of investment. Every business owner includes advertising expense in the initial business planning. Effective advertising, particularly outdoor signage helps a business win over the attention of the targeted customers in a very short time span.

A single sign can make a business stand apart from the crowd, but how to make that creative and attractive cleverly, it is the responsibility of a business owner or his advertising team. The road audience responds quickly to the ads at billboards, provided they are catchy and truly reflect a business.

In the lines below, major benefits of outdoor advertising will be discussed. Read and start implementing for your business success.

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Decide First:

Outdoor signs can be of two types: building-mounted or ground-mounted. Ground-mounted billboards help attracting the passing by wheel traffic. Building-mounted billboards direct people towards the place of business and attract the foot traffic.

Grow Your Business 24/7

Outdoor adverts are not sporadic or temporary just like radio and television ads. Whatever the conditions are, the billboards stay to attract the prospects’ attention. A business has chances to grow round the clock with outdoor signage.

• It Saves Cost!

Outdoor advertising means less to invest and more return. It costs less than:

80% of electronic media advertising
60% of print media advertising
50% of radio advertising

When combined with other media advertising, outdoor signage can yield the best results. That’s the reason most of the outdoor advertising agencies work in close collaboration with other media agencies.

• It’s Focus Time Is Longer!

Compared to electronic and print media, outdoor adverts capture the attention of people for longer, as they are stopped at signals or caught in the worst traffic jam. Something to pass time is needed which could be the best time for any business to get introduced. A clever approach would be to place your business ads at bus stops or along highways.

• It’s A Flexible Approach!

By placing ads at the best places where people could get attracted towards a business means more chances of sales. A night club’s ad outside a restaurant could get more customers and same is the case with foods’ ad being placed in farmers’ market.

• It’s A Silent Sales Person!

It has been said that exterior sign is a silent sales person of a business and that makes it distinguishable from others in the market. Compared to interior signage, which helps in locating merchandise, exterior signage directs towards the place of business. It’s very true to say that exterior or interior signs serve as an effective link between a business and its customers.

• It Helps Build Brand Awareness!

An exterior sign if contains a business logo, helps building the brand awareness. Conveying the essential business information as well as introducing the main products, signage becomes an integral part of the overall business promotion campaign.

Whatever the business type is, if the advertising is not effective, the right return over investment could just be a dream. A small business can earn big from outdoor signs by making them creative, imaginative, truly reflective of the business objectives, and eye catching. A single glimpse of a motorist on a signage along a highway can turn him into a customer.

How can one ignore the thousands and thousands of motorists passing on the roads everyday? Think of the prospects.

Earning profit from a business is the main goal of any businessman and how to move towards that goal, clever signage can do the magic. Think about it!