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Can you see this?

Can you see the number inside this circle? Odds are 8% of your male friends can't see the number, because they have Deuteranopia (red-green color blindness.)  Only 0.5% of ladies are color blind.  (There's a 5 in the circle, if you can't see it.) WHY DO WE CARE?  (Besides getting you ADA compliant.) As your friendly local graphics [...]

Open Carry Signs in Texas

New sign rules for 2016!  Licensed Texans are now able to open carry handguns in belt or shoulder holsters. If your company policy prohibits handguns on premises, you'll need to post one or two very large, very specific signs. Here are some tips to help place your order: The sign must have 1” tall text, in [...]

10 Ways to Use Stickers for Your Business Promotion

Stickers are considered among the most versatile marketing tools for business promotion. Promotional stickers can be used in so many different ways and in so many different places; nothing else comes close when you’re talking about potential advertising value. A well designed and well placed sticker can not only remind prospects and customers about your [...]

6 Reasons to Use Led Signs for Your Business Promotion

LED signs are technology based products that are extensively utilized to promote different business establishments. There are many benefits that let these signs have an edge over other promotional lights. The use of signs, signboards and promotional items has increased in the past few years. Not only are these signs attractive, they have many other [...]

How to Choose Right Storefront Signage for Your Business?

First impression is the last impression. This is very much true for the businesses whether it’s about storefront signs, marketing messages, the campaign, the dealing, the cost matters, or anything else. Every department has to play its role to make a strong and impactful first impression of a business. It’s in actual a collaborative effort [...]

How To Use Signage Effectively In New Construction Site?

Increasing and continuous work of carpeted roads, bridges, and skyscrapers, the construction industry seems to be busy all the time. The growing commercial as well as residential needs are the reason behind never-ending construction work. A business needs earning and people need better residential facilities, the construction workers seem to be working day and night [...]

Benefits of Outdoor Signage: Doing Wonders for a Business!

Advertising, promotion, brand awareness; different names, one mission: that is to introduce a business and earn out of investment. Every business owner includes advertising expense in the initial business planning. Effective advertising, particularly outdoor signage helps a business win over the attention of the targeted customers in a very short time span. A single sign [...]